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The KuSakura JOF and JNF models are an International Judo Federation (IJF) approved white judogi, compliant with the IJF regulations for 2015 and is certified for use at all levels of international events. This product comes with the red bordered IJF certification label attached.

The JOF and JNF are one of the very finest products in our range.

Available in 65 standard sizes and thousands of combinations of jackets and pants, we can also tailor this judogi to fit people with non-typical body-shapes (extra long legs, arms, broad shoulders, etc…)

The logo on the JOF and JNF is the famous “S” embroidered in red with a golden shadow.

Strength: 2200 N⩽ 
Weight: 750 g/m²

Color: White (JOF) or Blue (JNF)

Made in Japan